Saturday, 27 October 2012

thank you winter

The best thing about Autumn/Winter is all my favourite shows come back. I'm completely overwhelmed by the insane amount of stuff I need to watch. I haven't even started Homeland or American Horror Story. Anyway, this is why I forgive winter.

 I am such a dork for spending my Saturday night making that collage. Also, you'd never have known I studied Illustration at Uni, the skills I own are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

There is no doubt you will not enjoy each and every one of these shows. I'm starting to wonder if that sentence makes sense. I've been meticulously picking apart my first Creative Writing short story assignment, and it's turned my brain to a plate of baked beans.

So there, just don't be a fool and go out, it's way too cold. Stay in with cats and watch these shows and be a dork like me.