Wednesday, 12 January 2011

skeleton museum

Today I walked about a million miles, I feel like I'm mash potato. I did however get a bus back, which was deeply traumatic, I don't do buses, this shows the extent of how insanely knackered I was.

Anyway, I have just enough energy left over to post these pictures from the skeleton museum that we went to today.

Seagulls eating bambi!!! Those horrible shitbags.

Going to die now kthanxbai. 


  1. oh man, i love love weird little museums like this. Taxidermied animals in odd poses totally tickles my funny bone. :)

  2. Oh this looks like SO much fun! <33

  3. A SKELETON MUSEUM?! This might have been conceived in my mind, it's so me. I wish they had something like this where I live. Did you ever see the human bodies exhibit where they had preserved corpses by injecting them with some kind of polymers? That was cool too. I guess I like looking at dead stuff.

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  5. Funny, I visited a museum just yesterday! Awesome pics. :)

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