Monday, 8 September 2014

Making it with the cartel

I would often zone out during Sons of Anarchy when they started mentioning 'the cartel'. For quite a long time I don't think I knew what they were talking about because I would never give the show my full attention. Then I did, and discovered what 'the cartel' was they were referring to, and also discovered it's a ridiculously brilliant show.

So I didn't know what Big Cartel was either, I thought it was something that grown up companies signed up for to sell their grown up company stuff. Well I am a grown up, and I have a company (sort of...). So I set up a shop with Big Cartel to sell my prints.

Due to some new found anxiety about money, I have been Googling like a lunatic about how much you can realistically make from selling prints online. It seems it's only pocket money, but also a great way to spread the word of your name.

I've considered venturing down the Society6 road, but I'm reluctant since an illustration collective called Puck had some of their art copyrighted on the site.  But I am mostly reluctant because I have to pay $1 to connect my paypal account and prove I'm a legit human bean. I'm poor, ok? I'll think about it. I've heard great things about them, including how it has a great network and community, so it's likely your work is going to get seen without putting too much work in. As well as they print your images on practically anything and sending it to the customer and taking a percentage.

But I like to make things hard (and cheap) for myself. So Big Cartel it is.

Please feel free to buy something and help me raise money for space camp (that's a lie, I actually just need to pay my water bill).


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